A professional photographer based in the Knoxville area, with specialties in portraits and landscapes.  My work entails the use of digital and film mediums depending on the demands of the subject and my artistic vision for the images.  I also do fine art landscape work in my spare time, occasionally selling prints.

Personal Bio

I've been a photographer for most of my life, even before I would have described myself that way.  

My earliest photo memories stretch back to when I was about 12 years old and took a 110 camera to summer camp - a ritual reenacted over several summers. What a marvelous power that can freeze a moment in time inside a tiny cartridge, only to be revealed again later on paper!

Even without a camera in my hands, from a young age I was fascinated by the varied ways light operated upon different surfaces.  Sometimes it was the moon or manmade light that would make the surface of snow sparkle on a cold New England winter night.  In the morning after a big storm, I loved how the snow took on an almost golden appearance in the sunlight, glowing on the boughs of pine trees framed against a blue winter sky.

During the summer, the late afternoon light transformed a plain stone wall into sandpaper; you could almost feel the texture with your eyes. Autumn delivered its own visual delights with red, orange and yellow leaves transformed into miniature stained glass windows above a wooded grove.

In high school, I signed up for my first photography class.  I was quickly hooked.  I bought my first SLR: a Konica TC-X with a basic 50mm lens - a camera I still own to this day.  I obtained permission from my photography teacher, Mrs. Clary, to stay after hours in the school darkroom, developing and printing my personal work.  In retrospect, the majority of my early photos weren't particularly good.  But I kept at it, and looking back today at my early work I see a clear progression in my own photographic eye - a process that any good photographer knows never really ends.

I nearly changed schools in college, considering a degree in photography, but ultimately decided against that route at the time. Nonetheless, I kept up my photography habit, shooting portraits for college classmates.  One day I discovered that the local drugstore was displaying one of those portraits under glass on their counter, and I realized that I'd reached a personal milestone.

Today, I enjoy photography as a full time vocation. Over time, I've begun to broaden my horizons and explore new directions in photography.  This website represents the current best in my portfolio, which means you can expect to see new work replacing older work regularly.