Photo courtesy Chryseis Dawn Patterson

Photo courtesy Chryseis Dawn Patterson

A professional photographer based in the Oak Ridge / Knoxville area, with a specialty in individual portraits. Additionally, I have considerable experience photographing aspiring models, event photography, and food. I also photograph fine art landscapes in various locations, selling prints directly from this website (see the new Purchase Prints link above).

Personal Bio

Photography isn't just a job to me - it's my obsession. I've been a photographer for most of my life, long before I knew it.

My earliest photo memories stretch back to when I was 13 years old, and took a 110 pocket camera to summer camp. That's the first time I recall experiencing this marvelous power that can freeze a moment in time, later appearing on paper. It was nothing short of magic. Of course, film and processing was expensive in those days, so there were limits to the number of shots I took. Each photo was a financial investment.

Even without a camera in my hands, from a young age I enjoyed studying the varied ways light fell upon different surfaces. Sometimes it was the moon or a streetlight that would make snow crystals sparkle radiantly on a chilly New England winter night. The morning after a snowstorm, I always took special delight in observing the snow-laden pines outside my bedroom window reflecting golden morning sunlight against the backdrop of an endless, blue sky.

My eyes have always explored these beautiful details in everyday life - details that not everyone paid much attention to. Anyone can take a pleasing photo of a famous landmark, but I want to find the beautiful details and the magical light that really reveals the soul of a place.

My 1st camera, Christmas 1984, taken with my mom's own 110 camera.

As a high school sophomore, I signed up for a introductory photography class to fulfill an art elective. I bought my first 35mm SLR - a camera I still own to this day. With permission from my photography teacher, Mrs. Clary, I would stay after hours, experimenting with prints in the school darkroom. The majority of my early photos, frankly, weren't very good. Undeterred, I kept at it, shooting at least a roll most weeks for the remainder of high school. Looking back at my earliest work I see the gradual improvement of my photographic eye - a process that every lifelong photographer knows never ends.

Following my first year in college, I considered transferring to art school so I could study photography. After some soul searching, I decided to stay where I was at the time. Nonetheless, I kept up my photography "habit," shooting portraits for classmates.  One day I discovered that a local photo lab was displaying a photo I took of my friend, Jennifer, under glass on their counter top. I realized then that I'd reached a personal milestone. I'm still flattered when friends use my photos of them for their social media profiles.

Today, I pursue photography as a full time vocation. Over time, I've broadened my horizons and expanded into new directions with photography. I continue to be an active learner, attending workshops, studying the masters of yesterday and today, and taking online training.

It's that passion and breadth of experience that I pour into every photo session today.