Schedule Your Creative Senior Photoshoot

There's absolutely nothing wrong with "typical" high school senior photos that are brightly lit and incorporate popular poses. I've shot a number of photos like that, myself, and I'm happy to create any look a client wants. If a client prefers traditional photos in a scenic location, I'm ready to deliver exactly what they're looking for.

But if you or your high school senior want something a little different - something that really connects with his or her personality - I'm equally happy to work with you in coming up with memorable images that you'll cherish for years to come. Whether it's on a hiking trail deep in the woods, sitting atop a tractor on the farm, inside a charming, lavish home or dusk by a campfire at the lake, I'm committed to going the extra mile to get the photos you and your family deserve.

The photos you see here are from a recent shoot with Phoebe. We discussed the look she wanted ahead of time, and settled on an urban setting with plenty of lines and a theatrical feel. So we headed to downtown Knoxville in the early evening. Although showers threatened to postpone the event, the rain stopped for just the right length of time for us to carry on.

Schedule your senior photo shoot for the remainder of August 2017, and pay only $150 for a one hour session. Use the Contact link above to start planning today!