The Mobile Darkroom

Panoramic photos shot on my Clipper 6x18 pinhole camera at yesterday's inaugural run of the mobile darkroom. It was parked in front of The Emporium for visitors to enjoy during Knoxville's First Friday event. This specially modified trailer functions in part as a giant pinhole / camera obscura, so it seemed fitting to photograph a giant pinhole camera with a smaller one! 

Visitors to the mobile darkroom exhibit were able to peek inside the trailer to see a live, upside-down projection of the crowd mingling behind them. If you've never looked inside a camera obscura, it's fascinating to observe how this ancient technique uses nothing but natural light to project an image on the opposite wall. Also on exhibit were examples of large images previously captured on photo paper, along with samples of other creative work done at the Knoxville Community Darkroom.

You can learn more about the mobile darkroom and other creative events by visiting the Knoxville Community Darkroom website.


Exposures for each of these photos ran from about 90-120 seconds. Most people appear as faint, ghostly figures as they moved about the scene. The longer a person stayed in place, the more "solid" their appearance. (Click to see larger versions of each photo.)