When Did You Last Get a Family Photo Made?

When did you last get the family together for a proper, planned portrait? Selfies and quick snaps on a smartphone are fun and easy (I take them, too), but they don't compare to the full experience that a family photo session by an experienced photographer can provide. Little things - like controlling the lighting, getting everyone into the frame, and post-processing images for a pleasing look - can be difficult to manage.

You owe it to yourself to schedule a family photo session. Let me worry about handling the camera and making sure everyone looks their best for those memorable photos. We adults don't typically change a great deal in the span of a year or even longer, but infants and children grow rapidly and change before you know it. Your family will never look quite the same tomorrow as it does today. Chances are that you have many snaps of your children on your mobile device. It's time to put yourself into the frame with them, and get photos made that you'll want to print and revisit for decades to come!

Schedule your family photo session today. If you schedule your shoot for anytime between now and the end of August, you can enjoy our current rate of $150 for a one hour session. (Rates will increase to $200 as of September 1st.) You'll get about 15-20 edited, high-resolution images that you can print and share however you wish. Use the Contact link above to learn more and get your family into a frame!